YA Sleeve Pack December - Travelling to a Mystical Land

YA Sleeve Pack December - Travelling to a Mystical Land

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Have you ever dreamed of travelling to a mystical land? Ever wanted to visit a legendary world from the past that produced magical myths and folklores? In this month's YA Sleeve Pack, you'll travel back through time to a land where myths were formed and Kings romanced Queens. 


In the YA Sleeve Pack for December, you will receive:

1 x New-release YA paperback book 

1 x Exclusive paperback booksleeve made with brand-new/never-seen-before fabric (Our standard paperback size)

1 x Matching mug rug OR matching fabric bookmark, in the same exclusive fabric

1 x Extra item, also inspired by this month's theme - Travelling to a Mystical Land


*Please note - you must choose the mug rug OR fabric bookmark in the drop-down section marked 'included extra' to submit your choice for your pack. 

*Please note - some small discrepancies in the sewing may be present. This is to be expected in a hand-made item. However, if you find a major problem with your items, please feel free to contact us. 

*the sleeve is our standard paperback size. As we have no way of knowing the size of the books before they arrive just before packing, we cannot guarantee every featured book will fit, as paperbacks come in many different heights.